Can Plants Heal You?

“Yes!  I am witnessing the incredible results of the healing power of plants every day!  My 91 year old father and I are experiencing increased endurance, energy, and brain-focus.  My severely damaged wrist has been healed after 12 years of major problems that doctors couldn’t resolve.  My father has recovered from debilitating leg pains in 3 months!

Ellen Wanamaker, Health Mentor
Health & Wealth Consultant and Educator


Help Your Body Strengthen and Heal Itself

The Nobel Prize-Winning Solution

In the video below created by our expert, Dave McArthur, you will learn how this proven science can help you.

Dave himself recovered from a shattered leg and was running stadium stairs in 3 months, leaving the doctors perplexed. 

My friend's husband had complete knee replacement surgery and was healed and fully functional in 3 weeks.

And I have come to know many more who have had similar experiences with bone issues, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and traumatic brain injury to name a few.





Nancy Swallow is a success story.

She was in bed, on oxygen and dying. 

Today she does one-armed push ups on a medicine ball at the gym.

She dropped from a size 24 to a size 12. 

Nancy is a believer in the 4 Pillars of Health—taking the Nobel Prize-Winning nutriceutical along with the whole nutrition program. 



Diane Sawyer of ABC News Reports On The DNA Component

In 2009, scientist, Dr. Bill Andrews worked with the group of scientists that received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of how our DNA health can be facilitated. He formulated a product that helps your body heal itself from ingested toxins from the air we breathe, food we eat, and from chronic stress.

Dr. Andrews, partnered with renowned master herbalist and formulator John Anderson, and together they created this wonderful nutritional supplement and healing system, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this to you!

"Bill sees this as the first and only emergent technology that holds the promise of treating and reversing age-related diseases, including the aging process itself."

                              Here's the Diane Sawyer ABC news segment that will give you more details:





It's important that you understand the benefits of DNA Support. Many conditions are the result of shortened DNA telomeres. When using a personalized dose, many are getting very positive results as they facilitate improved telomere health.


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