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Nutrition Facts

Today, we are discovering more about what we eat and the effect it has on our bodies.  We are opting for more healthful, nutritious food by adding organic and non-GMO foods to our diets, to try to re-claim our health and reverse many of the symptoms we are suffering from.  But our soils have been so depleted from the use of pesticides and other chemicals, that even organic foods do not have the same nutrition as they did when we were growing up.

Since 1963, minerals in our vegetables have decreased to almost non-existence.  At the same time mineral deficiency diseases have increased.

For example you need to eat 50 cups of spinach today to get the same amount of nutritional minerals as you ate in 1 cup of spinach in 1963!  (according to a U.S. Dept of Agriculture study)




Why People Are So Obsessed with Our High Nutrition Products


"As a busy attorney with a sporadic schedule, I never knew when I would have time to break for food. And if I did, there was never time to eat something nutritious and satisfying. Now, whether I'm in the office or on the road I have a great lunch on the go, and I feel satisfied, energized, and it always tastes great."

Thomas McNamara, J.D.




"After the birth of my second son my life was so hectic I was lucky to get a few hours sleep at night, never mind eat well. I can't even tell you what I ate or if I ate at all some days. Now I have quick and easy health options, and I feel better than I have in years. Best of all, my husband and older son love them too!"

Melissa Bradley








"A few years ago Steve began having stomach problems, and the doctors didn't have anything that could help him. Once he began using these healthy products daily, his stomach started to recover. He's now able to eat just about anything, as long as he continues to feed his body good nutrition every day too."

Suzanna Marquette, Retired Accountant


More Details About This High Quality Nutrition

1. It’s the world’s best super-food, used as a meal substitute or between-meal snack.
2. It’s packed with 23 vitamins and minerals plus enzymes to help digestion. 
3. You get maximum nutrition in 240 calories.
4. The sugar content equals half an apple per serving, just enough to give your body the energy it needs.
5. It’s free from any artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors — the best of nature and science.
6. It’s so delicious you won’t believe it’s also nutritious.
7. It’s made with responsibly sourced dairy protein from pasture-raised cows that are not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.
8. It’s the ultimate convenient meal. All you need is water and a few seconds. Then you’re good to go!
9. It’s cheaper than your gourmet coffee.
10. The perfect meal for results you can’t get anywhere else!



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