When divorce chaos reigns, Ellen thrives. She sees what others don’t. She doesn’t just operate robotically with paperwork and dollars in the divorce financial field; she dominates it using cutting edge scrutiny of all evidence, financial and otherwise.
Ellen doesn't see problems; she sees solutions waiting to be uncovered and is tenacious to that end.  With a microscopic lens, she explores the intricate nuances of your marital lifestyle down to the minute details, and uncovers insights and ideas that lead to the creation of fair and faster settlements.
 With a knack for turning chaos into clarity, Ellen is the go-to expert in the divorce financial field, delivering results when they matter most. At the same time, she gives you hope for the future throughout the process with her innate ability to reduce your stress, and at times even convert your tears to laughter.
By the time Ellen is finished, you have your financial and personal future mapped out, and with no loose ends. She helps pave the way to your security and peace of mind.
Pamela Hayes