All services are personalized and individualized.

When we first meet  we discuss where you are in the divorce. You could be thinking about it, arguing about it with your spouse, or already started. Then we hone in on the specifics.
Generally speaking we help you get your financial information organized, evaluate the other party's financials, look for missing money based on their documents such as tax returns, and participate in preparing negotiation strategies. Ellen also becomes your Go-To Person when something comes up and you don't know what to do or who to call.
Since everyone's situation is different, regular and frequent contact gives us both the information we need to move you forward and toward your post-divorce goals.
In addition to education and work experience, Ellen gained a lot of strategic knowledge during her own long divorce court battle. She knows how it feels and learned every trick in the book because of her ex's greed. She uses this knowledge gained "in the trenches" to help you maintain not only your money, but also your sanity.
Contact Ellen below to schedule a complimentary Divorce Exit Strategy session. Your only investment is your time and you have everything to gain. We look forward to connecting with you.