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"When divorce chaos reigns, Ellen Wanamaker thrives. She sees what others don’t. She doesn’t just operate robotically with paperwork and dollars in the divorce financial field; she dominates it using cutting edge scrutiny of all evidence, financial and otherwise.

Ellen doesn't see problems; she sees solutions waiting to be uncovered and is tenacious to that end.  With a microscopic lens, she explores the intricate nuances of your marital lifestyle down to the minute details, and uncovers insights and ideas that lead to the creation of fair and faster settlements.

 With a knack for turning chaos into clarity, Ellen is the go-to expert in the divorce financial field, delivering results when they matter most. At the same time, she gives you hope for the future throughout the process with her innate ability to reduce your stress, and at times even convert your tears to laughter.

By the time Ellen is finished, you have your financial and personal future mapped out, and with no loose ends. She helps pave the way to your security and peace of mind."

Pamela Hayes




"My marriage break-up began when I was suddenly forced to literally run from my home. My husband had some kind of a psychological breakdown, and threatened to severely hurt me. I stayed with a friend who took me to a divorce attorney. After a few weeks of hiding, I met Ellen Wanamaker who assured me she would be able to help me prepare my financial statement and put together everything needed for an application to the court.
After a short time on the phone with Ellen I began to feel calm. Even though I had no idea about our savings or spending, she assured me that we would together find all the information I needed, and we did. Ellen helped me with everything. She became my private divorce coach and also got me through a restraining order, keeping me safe.
My husband did not answer the complaint but instead stayed in our home and spent just about all the money we had saved. He even took out his $200,000 retirement account. I only knew because Ellen told me who to contact and what to ask.
After close to a year, it was time to file papers for a default divorce. I dragged my feet. In the meantime, I heard from friends that my husband had gotten very ill. He had been battling with a bad liver for years and had recently stopped taking his medication.
Ellen worked out the numbers and told me that if I were to sell the house in the future, I would still get everything I was entitled to, because I would get my husband’s half of the house. I was afraid to do anything about the house because I was terrified of what my husband would do to retaliate. Ellen suggested I include in my paperwork that he could stay in our home until he passed and that I would become full owner at that time. Then I could sell it. I was so relieved that I could even consider doing something like that, and the paperwork was prepared.
The papers were filed with the court, and about a week before the court date for the default divorce, my husband passed. Ellen was right there to hold me up until our children arrived to support me. In the end I did sell the house and get my money, but it was bittersweet. Ellen continued to be my guiding light, helping me through everything.
Looking back at the worst year of my life, there is no doubt that I would have been much worse off without Ellen’s help. She explained everything I didn’t understand from the attorney, figured out my finances, and gave me hope no matter what happened. I can’t express how much she helped me and how much it has meant to me."
Leanne Hartman




Woman thinking


"Mine was a case that had been percolating for more than 10 years. My wife and I divorced 12 years. Every December she gave me a “Christmas present.” She took me to court for child support items that were not in our agreement and always came up with such a big total that the judges looked at me like a deadbeat. And half of the expenses were for the daughter who had refused to talk to me for four years. I felt so defeated. I was ready to give up but I decided to give it one last try.

I realized I had to hire an attorney because I obviously couldn’t fight back on my own.  The attorney had me work with Ellen Wanamaker to prepare my answer and put together the attachments and coach me through the process.

Ellen worked tirelessly, sometimes texting me on the weekends or well after business to ask if I had text messages for this or paperwork to prove that. She managed to organize everything we needed and more. It became very involved, covering almost 10 years of court hearings. The judge decided it would be a 3-day trial just on finances. My attorney suggested mediation and the judge jumped at the chance.

By then I had everything I needed to fight and decided to try the mediation on my own. I kept Ellen on board to act as my GPS. She helped me prepare for the meeting by giving me speaking techniques that would help keep my anger at bay. I sent the mediator an outline statement that Ellen helped me prepare along with the motion reply and all the attachments (Exhibits A-T).

The mediator, having had more than 40 years’ experience saw right through my ex-wife. Her attorney convinced her to agree to drop just about everything. The mediator told them that is what a judge would have done.

After it was over, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. My new fiancé agrees that Ellen was our saving grace. Without her on our team I can’t even imagine what the result would have been."

Marty Vincent



Happy man


“I was on the verge of losing my home – the last of what I had left after my divorce. I had already lost my children – my EX convinced a judge I was an unfit mother. I became depressed and also lost my lucrative job after 28 years. I spent most of my time on the living room sofa under my quilt. Then a friend recommended Ellen. It took a few days to muster up the courage, but I listened to my friend and made the call.

Ellen came to my home and took 2 boxes of paperwork after assuring me everything would be OK. Using what she took and convincing me to email her certain texts from my EX, she put together a statement to the Court that saved me my home. (I had an attorney file it so it was done legally.) My ex-husband and his sleazy attorney were flabbergasted and couldn’t even come up with a response. In a matter of one week it was all over. My home was saved thanks to Ellen, my “Secret Weapon”.

After that I was able to work with a therapist and get off the sofa. Ellen continued to be my communication strategist. My daughter moved back in with me and we reconnected. My EX now leaves me alone and I’m on the road to healing, all thanks to Ellen. I am so grateful to have found her. She took me under her wing and I felt protected. She encouraged me and supported me in more ways than my family could have, even though they tried. I only wish I had met Ellen sooner because I know a lot of what I had to go through could have been avoided.”

Gina Bergman



content woman



"I met Ellen Wanamaker based on a referral from a friend, while going through my divorce.  I had moved from Canada with my children and finally moved in with my husband, into a home we had purchased together.  When I arrived, I discovered he had other plans.  He had filed for divorce and was attempting to have me deported without my knowledge, in an attempt to have me leave with nothing.

I was alone in a new country, confused and devastated. I did not know what to do.  I hired an attorney who did the legal paperwork. But I was living with my husband, constantly walking on egg shells and I needed a different kind of support.

I reached out to Ellen for financial and divorce coaching.  Almost immediately after we met, Ellen dove right into every detail, helping me with the financial paperwork and working with me to write Certifications for support motions.  She also helped me prevent problems by working with me on texts to my husband, while at the same time anticipating and being prepared for anything.

Ellen helped me keep my focus and sanity.  She kept me safe by always being one step ahead while working with my attorney.  Towards the end, only because of Ellen’s financial breakdown, I was able to obtain the evidence I needed to get what was fair.

There is no way I would have gotten through this whole divorce without Ellen.  Her personal experience, extensive knowledge and most importantly her caring nature makes her a valuable asset in any team."

Liza Nixx




"When I hired Ellen Wanamaker to work as my financial specialist for my divorce, I never expected the kind of service I received. When we began, it was all about getting my financial affairs in order to complete the required paperwork for the court. But Ellen was much more than that. She is a very fast thinker with a creative mind, all of which make her problem-solving skills very strong. After seeing this I also hired her to be my coach to the end of my divorce.

My situation had become very complicated. I was in denial with accepting the fact that my wife had gone back to drugs and her life before we married. She was out late and not responsible with taking care of our 8-year-old son. There were times when she would miss walking him down the street to the school bus, because she had only been home a short time and was passed out. I got calls from the neighbors that our sone came to their homes after school because his mother wasn’t at the school bus. And to top it off, she was having car accidents so frequently that she rarely had a functioning car.

As I expected she acted as though everything was fine and that she didn’t understand why I wanted a divorce. She didn’t hire an attorney and never answered our paperwork. It took 2 weeks to serve her the complaint because she was never around or awake during the day. By then she had moved out “temporarily.”

Throughout the entire process Ellen told me what I might expect next and how to keep our son safe, and still help him maintain some semblance of a relationship with his mother. She indicated she had helped many others before me with substance abuse, and it was obvious she had. I frequently called Ellen in a panic and after each call I felt relieved and ready to face whatever was put before me. She always knew which professional I should call and helped me outline what I needed them to know.

We did finally get divorced, but even when signing the settlement agreement there was a question about the format of the signature page. I called the attorney’s office. The service was supposed to get a message to my attorney. It had taken 4 attempts to get my wife to a notary and she was getting antsy and ready to leave. We waited a few minutes and then I decided to call Ellen. She told me to text her a picture of the signature page. She compared it to the one in my file. She told me everything was fine, to sign it as it appeared. What a relief. That’s just one example of how Ellen Wanamaker was always there to help me through the most stressful episodes in my divorce."

Robert Jefferson



Happy father and son


“I never would have believed my divorce would go so smoothly. I was very concerned because I never handled anything to do with our money and procrastinated for more than a year. But  I found that I had nothing to worry about.

I followed Ellen’s system to the letter. The rest fell into place.

My husband agreed to everything because I used the negotiation strategies that Ellen and I had mapped out together.

I am so thankful and relieved.

This program has given me a new lease on life.”

Katherine Petrillo



Empowered woman



“When I met Ellen Wanamaker I was a hot mess. I was upset, confused, and had no idea what to do or how to do it. Ellen was able to help me resolve my divorce with some strategies I never would have thought possible.

She was with me every step of the way, and with her compassion and professional skills she helped me understand how I could make it on my own, and helped me get to a fair conclusion without the fighting I dreaded.

By starting with her Pre-Planning system, I had no loose ends after the divorce, and I felt very confident and ready to move forward in the new home she helped me find. While my attorney handled the legal, Ellen was there giving me the confidence and financial know how to be independent.”

Roberta Jacobs



Happy woman

“Ellen Wanamaker literally saved me. I was like a deer in the headlights. I was numb and didn’t have a clue about money or how I could possibly make it on my own. I was going to work every day and just going through the motions wondering how I could possibly get a divorce and move on with my life.

I met Ellen and she guided me through everything, including the talks with my husband. She helped me understand what I needed so I could support myself, and showed me that I actually could do it. Then Ellen came up with surprising strategies to make it happen for me. A special bonus was that she made me feel good about myself and encouraged me one step at a time. I don’t know how I could have made it through my divorce without her.  I would highly recommend Ellen to any woman who is either thinking about divorce or just needs help with managing their money.”

Joanne Blair


Proud woman


“By the time I met Ellen I was eight months into my divorce. Up to that point there had been no plan or strategy on how my attorney was proceeding. We simply reacted to the other attorney’s repeated and unending attacks, which wasted a lot of time and we made no progress. It became clear to me that the $80,000 I had spent up to that point did not accomplish much of anything.

At that point Ellen stepped in. I felt that she was my own personal divorce financial advisor. She made financial suggestions that neither I nor my attorney had thought of and it stopped the Court battles. To summarize, following Ellen’s program significantly reduced the time it took to complete my divorce. I would recommend her to any woman looking for help in any financial scenario.”

Barbara Campbell



Happy woman sitting by tree


“I was served with divorce papers and did not know what to do. I was unsure about so many things. I was completely blindsided by my husband’s choice and was terrified. I never managed our money or bills.

That’s when I met Ellen. I felt very welcomed and protected under her wing, and was cared for personally. I knew that I was in good hands and I held tight.

During the divorce I felt reassured, comforted and was given all the facts, and Ellen answered every single question that I had. She also helped me organize my finances and everything I needed for both custody and economic mediation. Ellen came with my attorney to the custody mediation and explained things in a way that stopped my husband from using the children in a tug-of-war.

By the time my divorce came, I was on the road to healing. Two weeks after my divorce I went online to Christian Mingle, and now, a year and a half later, I am engaged to the man of my dreams that I met the third day on the dating site. I am so thankful. Ellen told me that I would still be able to find a wonderful man even with my four kids, and she was right. I can’t believe I’m picking out wedding dresses – life after divorce for me is wonderful!”

Jaime Bailey




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