Mediation Single Session

The case presented a couple with two children. The husband was a sheriff’s marshal and the wife a stay-at-home mother who historically worked retail during school hours. The parties had separated due to a restraining order when the wife had relapsed and began taking prescription pain medication. She had become addicted and was passed out when the children arrived home from school one day. The attorney I worked with represented the wife.
Upon review of the case file, it became apparent that there was a very significant error in the calculation of the marital coverture portion of the husband’s retirement plans. The deficiency to the wife would have been approximately $79,000. For this reason, it was requested that I attend the economic mediation session to clarify the revised calculations to the mediator and the adversary, as there were multiple accounts.
At the start of the session, the adversary vehemently indicated his client had calculated the retirement plan allocation. Upon tactfully explaining the revisions to the adversary in a non-accusatory manner, the adversary was able to assist his client in cooperating with the balance of the outstanding issues in the matter. Due to my success with the first issue, our attorney asked that I assist in the negotiations for the balance of the mediation session. Despite the highly adversarial relationship, and to the surprise of the mediator, the husband agreed to provide the wife with additional support, an extension of auto insurance and auto payments for an additional six months, and more time with the children that was originally stipulated in the final restraining order.
The parties left the mediation holding hands and did the same for the divorce hearing. The fire had been extinguished. They divorced, but remained friends and were able to co-parent successfully.