Unexpected 3 Month Recovery After Shattered Leg

Dave MacArthur was an active man in his late 40’s. Some say he was a bit of a dare devil, having discovered organic health and trimmed down to re-discover his youth a few years earlier. But one day it appeared all that would come to an unexpected screeching halt.


Dave was out riding his bike through the mountains. He hit something on the path that caused his bike to go flying into the air, with him on it. He landed straight down on his feet, but the impact caused damage. He had one broken leg, and the other leg was severely shattered from the impact. When Dave arrived at the hospital, the doctors could not even attempt to do anything for his shattered leg, except to put rods and pins through it to stabilize it.


The hospital staff told Dave there was only one of a few surgical specialists experienced with this type of bone damage. They had to wait since he was not in the area, hence the temporary rods and pins. That specialist was contacted and did come into town to do the surgery..


After the extensive surgery, Dave got the bad news. He was told that if he was lucky, he might be able to stand with all his weight on it in about a year, but he would never run again. Lucky for Dave, he had discovered the ideal organic support product, and began using it. He was in bed for 6 weeks, in a wheel chair for 2 weeks, and on crutches for two weeks. By then 3 months had passed. 

Organic Support Restored Dave’s Normal Lifestyle

Here’s Dave, only 3 months after surgery.

He has resumed his normal exercise regime – including running up and down stadium stairs.

The doctors are still scratching their heads.

How could he have recovered so fast after such a horrendous trauma?

Now you know Dave’s secret.

And this has helped many support their bodies with many issues, including myself and family members. Think about how this could help you, your family members, and friends.


Listen to Diane Sawyer at ABC News as she describes how this organic support works. To date, everyone I know who has tried it has had positive results.


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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a retired dental hygienist, health and wellness educator, individual and small business tax/financial specialist, and author. If you are seeking to create and maintain a healthy physical and financial lifestyle, Ellen's contact information is available at her website www.ellenwanamaker.com.