The Doctors Could Only Help Me To A Point

Close to 12 years ago I was faced with a debilitating situation, one that knocked me completely out of my 28 year career as a dental hygienist.

While I did escape my burning home with my life, I did suffer extensive damage to both hands, falling from the window and cutting my hands and wrist during my frantic exit. 

I was treated for smoke inhalation and severe burns to my hands. After the burns healed it was discovered that the cut to my wrist was severe. While the hand was numb, the wrist was extremely painful. I had every test and the doctors concluded that I might have soft tissue damage, but nothing was conclusive. A hand surgeon performed delicate nerve surgery, I got back 90% of the feeling, but I still endured significant daily pain.

I could not turn a door knob or carry anything over 2 pounds. That was after 2 years of prescription pain medications and physical therapy. Finally, an orthopedist told me that if he did surgery to correct the residual problems, I would risk losing the feeling and the use of my right hand. Of course I decided to live with it. So 2 years after the fire, the doctors gave me no hope for improvement.

The next 10 years were very frustrating. I was a single mother and had always taken care of our home, inside and out. That included cutting the lawn, trimming bushes, raking leaves, and of course, shoveling snow. Now I could barely carry the groceries into the house. Since I had worked in the financial arena, I decided to pursue that, as a tax and financial advisor, doing the same for divorce clients as well. Lucky for me, I could still use my laptop.


Organic Solution Supported Restoration Of My Wrist Function

Last year a trusted colleague told me about an organic solution that resolved her chronic stomach problems, and how this Neutraceutical as she called it had helped others promote their bodies to heal themselves from bone and spine accidents, pain, memory issues and more.

I decided to try it myself to see if I could restore more use of my wrist, and possibly even reduce my pain. Within 3 days I felt my energy coming back. After using the product and improving my nutrition, my wrist is much improved. I am back to doing the yard work, shoveling the snow, and I am able to carry the grocery bags without thinking about which hand I’m using to carry the bags. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it for myself!


Update: Check it out! I spent the day trimming branches and taking down small trees with my new chain saw. And after it was all over I could still lift it over my head, all with the right wrist that previously couldn’t open a door knob. AMAZING!


Listen to Diane Sawyer at ABC News as she describes how this Nobel Prize winning science works. To date, everyone I know who has tried it has had positive results.



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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a retired dental hygienist, health and wellness educator, individual and small business tax/financial specialist, and author. If you are seeking to create and maintain a healthy physical and financial lifestyle, Ellen's contact information is available at her website