Katie Proves You Can Lose Weight Without Exercise

“I’m proud of my results, but embarrassed of my before. My first picture is from my bridal shower from August. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been! Part of this was due to an ankle injury that kept me from getting exercise, the other part is because I love food. I started this new lifestyle right after my ankle surgery, and worried because I couldn’t workout yet.

These are my results after about 2 months on the program (and quite a few cheats in between)! I’m not done yet, but this is a great start with little to no working out!”



Katie discovered how, by feeding her body high nutrient super-food, she was able to help her body lose weight and those inches in just a short time. The program she refers to is a simple and delicious group of products which are certified all natural, organic, and non-GMO. They are enriched with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and DNA support to help our bodies function to their fullest.

The ingredients come from New Zealand, the only country on the planet that does not use any pesticides. They are rigorously inspected before incorporating them into any of the products to insure their high quality.

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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a retired dental hygienist, health and wellness educator, individual and small business tax/financial specialist, and author. If you are seeking to create and maintain a healthy physical and financial lifestyle, Ellen's contact information is available at her website www.ellenwanamaker.com.