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Barry began taking a Neutriceutical supplement in September 2017 and decided to improve his overall nutrition. His health improved and he lost some excess weight. He decided he was ready for his total knee replacement in May of 2018. To prepare for surgery, Barry decided to increase his supplements to help support his body after surgery. As you will see below, as confirmed by the physical therapist that visited him after the surgery, his recovery was amazing.

Just 2 days after the surgery, Barry was walking on his own. He took no pain medication. This was the point when he was supposed to be using a walker. You can see by the short video below, he was walking on his own.

After 5 days instead of depending on a walker, he walked better than before the surgery.


12 post surgery, watch him maneuver a lawnmower, walking faster than he has in years!



... AND 23 days after surgery, Barry took off on his 850 pound motorcycle...




Take a look at Barry's incision healing progress on the day he took out that motorcycle!

This is only 23 days post surgery. His physical therapist was amazed!

As you can see it looks more like a scar after a year or two than a recent surgical area.

This type of recovery is not unusual for many who take the Nutraceutical supplements.


Listen to Diane Sawyer at ABC News as she describes how this DNA Support works. To date, everyone I know who has tried it has had positive results.



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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a retired dental hygienist, health and wellness educator, individual and small business tax/financial specialist, and author. If you are seeking to create and maintain a healthy physical and financial lifestyle, Ellen's contact information is available at her website