Why Engage This Financial Specialist?

Clients find financial affidavits and discovery overwhelming.

Paralegals have difficulty getting most clients to complete these documents in a timely manner.

Yet the details are the foundation of a strong case.

Imagine someone who can make things easier for the clients by giving them individualized guidance, insuring accuracy. and getting details they wouldn't have told you that are case relevant.

The result of this assistance gives attorneys a more well-informed client and the best position for a positive negotiation outcome.

See our Benefits Review below which details the depth of discovery analysis benefits for your clients.

Work samples are available upon request.

Ellen's Credentials



Benefits Overview

We begin by assisting your clients with preparation of their financial affidavits, utilizing very unique and personalized step by step structured procedures that have been successfully utilized for close to 20 years.
Your client is also prepared to fit the reasonable person standard, while maintaining them in a calm and focused environment to reduce everyone's stress. This assists in streamlining the process, and avoids those frantic client calls to your office that have no effect on the case.
Additionally, we facilitate thorough adversary financial and discovery review, focusing heavily on financial analysis, evidentiary dishonesty, including doctored evidence, and deceptive activities.
The results of these analyses create a fair advantage for your client moving toward case settlement, and a stronger case to support your negotiations.
Work samples are available upon request.




Client Reviews


"The first day I met Ellen she found a $79,000 error in the amount I was supposed to get from my husband in our divorce. The next day my attorney brought Ellen into mediation as the financial expert. My husband and I came to a full agreement in less than two hours., and I have Ellen to thank for everything." 

Elizabeth McNamara




"When divorce chaos reigns, Ellen Wanamaker thrives.  She gives you hope for the future throughout the process with her innate ability to reduce your stress, and at times even convert your tears to laughter. By the time Ellen is finished, you have your financial and personal future mapped out, and with no loose ends." 

Pamela Hayes


"When I hired Ellen Wanamaker to work as my financial specialist for my divorce, I never expected the kind of service I received. She is a very fast thinker with a creative mind, all of which make her problem-solving skills very strong. After seeing this I also hired her to be my coach to the end of my divorce."

Robert Jefferson